The AVTECH Ezum™ series includes the following types: Motorized vari-focal, motorized pan, and PTZ. The best advantage of the Ezum™ series is simple installation. At the camera site, all you need to do is to finish its installation and aim the camera at where it’s supposed to monitor. The rest of the work such as focal length and focus adjustments could be done remotely on DVR, mobile APP “EagleEyes” or CMS Software “CMS-Lite” with its user-friendly control icons.

AVTECH cares what you care and takes all your needs into account. We're proud to say that the Ezum™ series can provide the most convenience service to you. The main design purposes of the Ezum™ series are as follows:


To install and adjust a vari-focal camera, installers have to be at where the camera is installed, which is usually located high. With the Ezum™ series, installers can easily adjust the focal length and focus of the camera via AVTECH DVR, PC CMS software or the EagleEyes app. They don’t need to be physically at the camera site to finish the work, greatly saving their time and cost.


A three-year warranty is provided for the Ezum™ series. It has perfect integration among software, hardware, IR and moving parts to offer great image quality and performance.


Distributors or agents usually have to prepare different lenses of cameras to meet different installation demands. The Ezum™ series offers you the most flexible solution to effectively reduce the inventory of different camera categories and quantities, and also the risks of inventory control.